BM Roofing Contractors Demonstrates Commercial Roofing Solutions to Franchisees

Commercial Roofing Solutions to Franchisees
Jerry Fisher, Commercial Sales, demonstrates BM Roofing Contractors’ Commercial Roofing Solutions.

Last summer, BM Roofing Contractors attended a conference in Florida. Jerry Fisher, commercial salesperson, introduced BM Roofing Contractors’ commercial roofing solutions to the franchisees in attendance.

The conference consisted of nearly 70 franchise groups representing approximately 575 well-known fast food chains in several states.

“It was a great opportunity to network and to present our commercial roofing solutions to the franchisees,” Jerry Fisher said.

BM Roofing serves the Southeast (VA, TN, NC, SC, & GA). BM Roofing specializes in all types of commercial roofing solutions such as Commercial & Industrial Single-Ply Roofing Solutions, Metal Roofing,  Commercial Shingle Roofs, Commercial Wood Shake Roofing, Commercial Gutters, and Repairs and Maintenance.

If you’re a Property Manager or Facility Manager looking to partner with an award-winning commercial roofing contractor, then contact us today.

BM Roofing Contractors Demonstrates Commercial Roofing Solutions to Franchisees

BM Roofing Contractors has been in business for 20 years. We combine proven, time-tested techniques, superior quality roofing products and materials, and cutting edge technologies to deliver high quality, professional commercial roofing services. Family owned and operated, BM Roofing provides property managers and facility managers a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that is unmatched.

Using highly trained, industry leading professionals, BM Roofing offers a wide array of commercial roofing services—from new or replacement commercial roofs to emergency roof repairs, to maintenance agreements and inspections. Every project, no matter the size or scope, is handled with an unprecedented attention to detail and sense of urgency. So whether you are looking for a preventative maintenance plan, or a full roof replacement, you can rest assured that BM Roofing will protect your investment!



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