How Often You Should Perform Roof Maintenance

As a business owner, you want your property and assets within the building to always be protected. Your roof plays an important role in the protection of your property. It keeps out the elements and seals the envelope of your building. In doing this, it is subject to a lot of abuse over the years. This can compromise the integrity of your roof, especially when minor concerns are left unchecked for a long time. That is why you need to perform maintenance regularly on your roof. This will minimize damage and save you money on commercial roof repairs. So, how often should you perform maintenance?


It is recommended that you schedule a roof inspection every six months and have any damage repaired. Planning and scheduling your inspections in advance will help ensure that your roof maintenance does not get overshadowed by your daily business activities and other concerns. Beyond the routine inspections, there are other reasons to have your roof inspected and roof repairs performed. After a storm system has passed, it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected. Storms can be particularly challenging to roofs as they can bring hail, strong winds, heavy rains, and freezing temperatures. So, you should have your roof inspected after any major storm that passes through.

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At B&M Roofing Contractors, we provide commercial roofing maintenance services to the Wilmington, NC area. We recommend that you hire a roofing company, like us, to perform your roof maintenance tasks. That is because we are specially trained to detect and repair any damage to roofs. We can perform roof inspections and provide reports of any damage caused by storms that you can then use to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company. We will also ensure that all repairs are done properly and that your roof will be able to continue to protect your property. Contact us today to schedule your commercial roof inspection!

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