How To Compare Commercial Roofing Quotes

Once you have determined that your roof is leaking or in need of work, the daunting process of finding a commercial roofing contractor begins. A good rule of thumb is to obtain at least three quotes from reputable contractors in your area. Whether you need repairs, restoration or a complete replacement, you will be investing in protecting your facility as well as what’s inside of your facility.

It is not likely that you will receive quotes that will be easy to compare as each company will more than likely inspect your existing roof and make recommendations on what they consider to be the best option. Once you have decided what type of roofing system you will need to have the contractors quote using the same scope of work, so you will be comparing apples to apples.

How To Compare Commercial Roofing Quotes

BM Roofing Contractors provides detailed roofing quotes to our customers that include an inspection, a core cut, photos, and more. We ensure our customers know the true condition of their existing system along with a life expectancy rating. Our commercial roof repair team works with general contractors, property managers/facility owners, building owners and maintenance supervisors to find and implement the best possible solution for their roofing system. The quotes are based on our findings and then we suggest a roofing system that fits the customer’s building envelope.

BM Roofing Contractors has been in business for 20 years. We take great pride in our ability in building long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with detailed evaluations of their roof and the best possible solution.

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  • Ron Pickle

    You are right, it is important to invite quotes from many roofers and then compare them on the basis of which price is closest to the budget, addresses every thing in detail in the proposal and there is a clear cut and nice warranty also.

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